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Trick-or-Treating Reality Running Style!


Yes, Halloween is famous for filling kids (and parents.....) full of sugar, BUT it is also a night when people get out and MOVE! I want to reward your family for the miles you'll log on Halloween night. Here's how it works:

  • Use a Garmin or phone app (such as RunKeeper) to keep track of your family's trick-or-treating miles (Include any miles during today, so run/walks before trick-or-treating count, too!)

  • Post a photo of your Garmins, costumes, loot bags, etc including your total miles for the day and use the hashtag #realityrunninghalloween. EVERY kid who tells me their miles will receive a treat! The kid/family who logs the most miles today will win a BIGGER treat! (emails with your stats to, count too!)

  • Kids do not have to be current/former Kid Program participants or from the DFW area. ANYONE from ANYWHERE can join in on the fun!

Have a fun, safe, and active Halloween!


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