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Coppell Kids Run at The Mercy Run!


The Coppell Kids Running Program and all participating runners enjoyed a beautiful day at The Mercy Run in Coppell on September 27.

The Basic Kids Class all rocked the Fun Run One Mile and the Advanced Kids ran strong 5K races. Special congrats to Advanced Kids Class participant Travis who placed 2nd in the men's 17 and under division. And it was his first 5K!

The Mercy Run provided a fun, family environment with cupcakes and medals at the finish-- that's right MEDALS for a 5K race! While medals are getting bigger and better for the longer races, it can be difficult to find them at 5Ks. So if your kid enjoys running for "bling," The Mercy Run is a great local option.


This weekend we will wrap up the Coppell Kids Program on Saturday and start the Holiday Kids Program on Sunday. Looking forward to celebrating one group's accomplishments and to start working towards another group's goals!

If you are interested in joining us for the Holiday Kids Program or bringing a Kids Program to your town or event, email


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